Monday, December 10, 2007

commercial property agent

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What we're doing wrong

Me and a group of other single fathers dating recently sat down to discuss what was going wrong. None of us have met anyone half decent in ages.

"They all get turned off by the fact I've got kids" Said my mate Nige

"It's because we go to the wrong clubs" is what Steve reckons

"I can never afford to buy them any drinks" Chimed in tight Tony

I think what the real problem is is that we're still going to bars and clubs to meet people. This is the 21st Century! There are far easier ways to meet other people.

I've started using the internet, specifically Single Parent Fun. It's a great online community for single fathers dating and other single parents. It's a great resource for help and also for girls! There's loads of single mums on there looking to meet like minded men!

Single Parent? Single Dad? Check this out single father... is a single parent community that will suit any Single Parent Family, whatever their interest. Get chatting in our single parent chat rooms and build everlasting friendships and your own personal single parent support group. With so much to do in your life, it is tempting to put single fathers dating and developing a new relationship on the back burner.

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